Something About Scream4Cream

Scream4cream is an attempt to create soul satisfying flavors that delight you day after day. We represent the cajoling voice of temptation. A taste that touches the soul. Soothes the heart and makes you want to dig in just one more time! But why stop there? Scream 4 Cream - Simply indulgent!

We bring you the finest taste from the good old days, so everyone can rembember your childhood by taking a bite in our menu.

Our Dreamy Specials

Time to share some of our secrets

Ice Creams have been making us happy since we were kids. We’ve smudged them all over our faces, when we were babies, screamed for it, and craved for it.

  • Select from the list of ingredients & make your own
  • Select from pre-made custom taste
  • Block a date for your treat
  • Experience the elegance!!
The Taste you will never forgot
  • Vanilla

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55 Parsonage Rd (Inside Menlo Park Mall, Between Cheesecake Factory and Barnes and Nobles entrance),
Edison, New Jersey